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Welcome to Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

A movement that inspires;

A movement that has not only revived a passionate interest in theatre, but in Hyderabad's heritage and culture as well;

A movement that has motivated new groups and venues to mushroom and that has provided impetus for local groups to reinvent themselves;

A movement that gathers the finest assembly of internationally-acclaimed performers, technicians and stage craftsmen to Hyderabad in a benchmark theatre festival and that hones native onstage and off-stage talent;

A movement that has propelled state, corporate and media support to theatre, and multiplied audiences across cross-sections of society;

A movement that has seen an unprecedented return to serious and meaningful theatre since the times of the Late Qadir Ali Baig.

The Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation has become synonymous with world-class theatre in Hyderabad. Indian Classics, Broadway Hits, Tony Award Winners, Tragedies, Comedies, Period Spectacles, Social Satires, Mythology, Fantasy, Musicals, Dastaan-goi, Dance Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Circus Theatre, Monologues and Duologues.

Over 400 multi-lingual theatre evenings by some of the most respected names from across the country and overseas in the last ten years, presented and performed by the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation.

The Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation – a true tribute to a legend who envisioned Hyderabad as a theatre-vibrant city on par with any other in the world....

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